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Data and model information for Climate Change Impacts Assessment Researchers

Above image (Sarah Pittiglio and Guido Franco) shows the December 2000 surface air temperature from the GFDL CM2.1 historical (20C3M) simulation. The enlarged area shows the difference between the global model grid and the grid from Ed Maurer's downscaling over the California/Nevada region.

From Guido Franco, Program Manager:
Recognizing California's vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, the Governor issued Executive Order S-03-05 on June 1, 2005 mandating the preparation of biennial science reports on the potential impacts of climate change on California and the identification of adaptation options. The Climate Action Team (CAT), headed by the Secretary for Environmental Protection, submits these reports to the Governor and the Legislature.

The first biennial CAT report was released in 2006. The report summarized major findings of the 2006 Climate Change Impacts Assessment which provided a valuable initial overview of climate impacts on key sectors in the state that are expected under alternative greenhouse gas emission scenarios.

The California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program is leading an effort to expand, improve and further develop the analysis of projected impacts under multiple climate change scenarios. The findings, based on more than 40 studies, will be presented in a Climate Change Impact Assessment.

The Climate Impact Assessment will build on the previous study to meet three goals:

The successful coordination and completion of such a large number of studies is a complex, intensive effort requiring the cooperation of many governmental and research entities.

A brief overview of the Climate Change Impacts Assessment was presented during the 4th Annual Research Conference on Climate Change, held in September 2007. Please click here to download the presentations on this topic.

For more information about the Climate Change Impact Assessment, please contact:

Dan Cayan
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Guido Franco
California Energy Commission

Useful links:
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Information about IPCC4 models

Information concerning models for the Janaury 2006 Secretary report to the Governor and State Legislature

Previous details of analyses over California

The following six models have been chosen for analysis for the Scenarios report:

The GFDL CM2.1 and NCAR PCM1 models were used for the first biennial CAT Report.

The simulations to be considered are:

These are the same simulations that were used for the first biennial CAT Report.

Click here for simulation data and information.

Please contact Mary Tyree with any questions: