Miller, A. J., D. J. Neilson, D. S. Luther, M. C. Hendershott, B. D. Cornuelle, P. F. Worcester, M. A. Dzieciuch, B. D. Dushaw, B. M. Howe, J. C. Levin, H. G. Arango and D. B. Haidvogel, 2007:

Barotropic Rossby wave radiation from a model Gulf Stream.

Geophysical Research Letters,34, L23613, doi:10.1029/2007GL031937.

Abstract. The barotropic Rossby wave field in the North Atlantic Ocean is studied in an eddy-resolving ocean model simulation. The meandering model Gulf Stream radiates barotropic Rossby waves southward through preferred corridors defined by topographic features. The smoother region between the Bermuda Rise and the mid-Atlantic Ridge is a particularly striking corridor of barotopic wave radiation in the 20-50 day period band. Barotropic Rossby waves are also preferentially excited at higher frequencies over the Bermuda Rise, suggesting resonant excitation of topographic Rossby normal modes. The prevalence of these radiated waves suggests that they may be an important energy sink for the equilbrium state of the Gulf Stream.

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