Bromirski, P. D., A. J. Miller and R. E Flick, 2012:

Understanding North Pacific sea level trends

Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 93, 249-256.

Abstract. Rising sea level poses significant challenges to infrastructure and populations, particularly for coastal [Heberger et al., 2009] and island communities [Webb and Kench, 2010] in the North Pacific where population density at or near coastal waters is high. A significant portion of the United States. security, commerce, and ecosystem assets are located at or near the coast, making them vulnerable to sea level rise. Although global mean sea level (MSL) rise is a fundamental consideration, regional mean sea level (RSL) height variability within ocean basins and along their boundaries can be more critical, particularly in the North Pacific where the amplitude of interannual variability is high.

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