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What is Sequoia 2000? Sequoia 2000 is a collaboration between earth scientists and computer scientists that is intended to produce advances in earth science, computer tools with which to do earth science, and computer technology that can be applied to other disciplines.

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Are you new to Mosaic? Would you like to learn more? Click here or select "Manual..." from the Help menu for Mosaic documentation and a User's Guide. If you have some experience with Mosaic and want to try creating your own HTML documents, click here for an excellent guide to getting started with HTML. If you would like to serve your own information to the Web, click here for instructions.

Mosaic Version 2.4: The latest version of Mosaic is now 2.4. To see what version you're currently running, check the Help menu - one item should say "On Version X.X..." Click here to go to the Mosaic-binaries directory at the NCSA FTP site where the latest version is kept. It's a busy place so if you don't get through on the first try, keep trying.

Are you on the Mosaic mailing list? There is now a sequoia-mosaic email list for questions, comments and general news about Mosaic as it pertains to the Sequoia 2000 community. Send email to to request to be added to the list.

New Mpeg Player: A version of mpeg_play with on-screen controls is now available. It's basically the original mpeg_play with a Motif interface grafted on. Follow this reference to a page with all of the details. Binaries for DecStations, Alphas, HPs, Sun 4s, SGIs and others are available, otherwise you can get the source code. Highly recommended!.

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