3-D Wind Animation Over Maui

Data: Kyozo Ueyoshi and John Roads

Visualization: Juan Castañeda,

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

This is a 3-Dimensional Massless Particle Advection through Wind Circulation over the Hawaian Island of Maui. This is a preliminary example of visualization tools being developed in collaboration with the Sequoia 2000 Project for use by Climate Research Scientists.

Click here to see the movie. File is 1575334 bytes long.

Raw data was generated by the Regional Atmospheric Model System(RAMS). A nested grid model(10km and 2km) which has PS, T, U, V, Water Vapor(250 km grid) and Orography(2 km grid) as inputs. The model outputs 2km grid values for PS, T, U, V, W, Water Vapor, Precipitation, Evaporation, and Surface Hydrology. 24 DEC Alpha CPU hours were needed to simulate 12 real hours.

This visualization was produced using AVS software on a DEC Alpha with a Denali Graphic Subsystem. This demonstrates the feasability of Desktop Visualization on small geographic domains. Current development efforts to make AVS software a viable, everyday tool for Earth Science research include the incorporation of detailed Map Projections and Outlines. This will allow improved AVS visualization on large geographic domains such as the State of California and the contiguous United States.

To create this mpeg movie each of the 99 frames used in this animation was converted from AVS X image file format to PBM Portable aNy Map file format with the help of San Diego Super Computer Center's "imconv" utility. Please excuse the degradation in image quality resulting from one-too-many file format conversions. Improvements are forthcoming.

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