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This web page is only as useful as you make it! Our goal is to provide useful data in a usable format. We can't do that unless you tell us what's wrong with it. Please let us know how we're doing.
We here at the Climate Research Division are trying to make this weather page a useful classroom resource for K-12 and community college science education. We need "feedback" from you.
Let us know how we're doing. You can send e-mail to me at the the address listed on the bottom of this page.

If contacting us to ask a question or request data, you should include your name, age and grade, school and location. Requests that do not include this information will receive low priority and may not be answered.

The Climate Research Division would like to showcase some of the K-12 and community college science projects that have used our data. If you are a student/teacher/instructor and you would like to see your work mentioned here, let us know (please include a URL or images and text [digital or hard copy]). We want this to be a resource for others (especially teachers and instructors) on what can be achieved with this data.

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