Historical Precipitation Percentiles
The figure below shows the time series of precipitation percentiles from 1900 to present as a function of timescale (vertical axis) for California climate division 2 (Sacramento River drainage). The timescale indicates the length of the averaging period. For instance, a timescale of 6 months is the average precipitation over the 6-month period ending (and including) the month noted on the horizontal axis. The dark red/orange colors denote periods of very low precipitation while the darker blue colors indicate periods of relatively wet conditions. The percentiles were calculated using NOAA NCDC climate division precipitation data extending from 1895 to present. A more in depth description can be found in Steinemann et al. (2015). This work received support through the California-Nevada Applications Program (CNAP) and from the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS).

By default, this page will load the precipitation percentiles during last 10 years for California climate division 2. Click on the links below to look at precipitation percentiles from other climate divisions. To examine precipitation percentiles focused on the most recent 10 years, click here.

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Precpitation Percentiles

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