SCM Configuration

Currently, our single column model has 53 vertical layers and a timestep of 7.5 minutes. A diurnally varying solar signal dependent on the latitude and time of year is applied at top of the model atmosphere.

The control version of the SCM contains the longwave radiation parameterization of Mlawer et al (1997) (RRTM) and the solar radiation parameterization from the NCAR CCM3 (Briegleb, 1992). Cloud water and cloud amount are calculated using the formulation of Tiedtke (1993). The cloud optical properties are calculatated as a function of the cloud water/ice path. Cumulus convection is parameterized using the schemes of Zhang and McFarlane (1995) and Hack (1994) for shallow convection. This is the same cumulus convection parameterization package contained in the NCAR CCM3.

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