Daily Sea Level Anomalies
The top panel in the figure below shows the predicted and observed sea level heights over approximately the last 8 months. The blue line represents the predicted water level (astronomical tide) with the black dots denoting the daily maximum predicted water level. The red dots show the observed daily maximum water level. The middle panel shows the difference between the observed and predicted daily maximum water level. The bottom panel presents a long-term view of the observed daily maximum water level going back to 1950 (when data available).

Data is currently available at the locations shown in the adjacent map. By default, this page will load the figure for San Francisco. Click on the location names below to view figures for the other sites.

Crescent City    Eureka    Point Arena   
San Francisco    Monterey    Port San Luis   
Santa Barbara    Los Angeles    La Jolla   
Port Chicago    Richmond    Redwood City   

SF Daily Anomalies

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