SIO 20
"The Atmosphere"

Information on iClickers:

This year we will be using iClickers in the course. The clickers will allow students to participate in the course and help increase the learning experience. It also helps the instructors gauge how well students are understanding (or not) the presented material.

Class Credit for iClicker Participation:

Students will receive full credit for participating if they respond to questions in at least 75% of the lectures where questions are presented. Students will NOT be graded on whether the answers they give are correct or not. The point of the iClicker questions is to promote discussion and to help both the student and instructors see how well the material is being understood.

Using a Clicker for Someone Else:

Using a clicker in class for someone else is cheating and will be dealt with in a similar manner as if you took an exam for someone else.

Purchasing an iClicker:

The iClicker is available in the UCSD Bookstore or online at There are two models, iClicker and iClicker2. Either model will work for our course, but if you are buying one I would suggest getting the newer iClicker2 which has more functionality that you might find useful in other courses at UCSD that use iClickers.

If you bought a new iClicker:

Once you purchase your iClicker, you will need to register it at: To register, you will need your PID number and the 8-character code on the back of your iClicker (underneath the bar code).

If you already have an iClicker:

You will need to register your iClicker at: if you have not already done so this school year. Be aware, that iClickers that have been registered only via UCSD ACMS will not show up on our class roster. To register, you will need your PID number and the 8-character code on the back of your Clicker (underneath the bar code).

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