SIO 20
"The Atmosphere"

Instructor and TAs:

If these times are not convienent, please call or email for an appointment.
Appointments can also be made to meet at a location on the main UCSD campus.
Sam Iacobellis Nierenberg Hall, Rm 204 Mon 4-5 (NH 204)
Tues 3-4 (NH 204)
Liliana Nunez Nierenberg Hall, Rm 324 Tues 11-12 (NH 324)
Fri 1-2 (York 3030)
Rachel Schwartz Nierenberg Hall, Rm 221 Mon 1-2 (York 3030)
Thur 3:30-4:30 (NH 221)

A map of the Scripps Campus is available here.
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