Climate Forcing of Oceanic Ecosystems:
Are Significant Biological Feedbacks Possible
on Interdecadal Timescales?

April 18-20, 2001, Martin Johnson House and IGPP Munk Conference Room
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

Axel Timmermann and Sasha Gershunov in the IGPP Courtyard.

Vikram Mehta and Francisco Chavez in the IGPP Courtyard.

Francisco Chavez and Art Miller in the IGPP Courtyard.

Shaoping Chu, George Boer, Zhengyu Liu, and Mike Alexander at the IGPP picnic table.

Niklas Schneider and Ian Perry at the IGPP Munk Conference Room table.

Niki Gruber, Dave Erickson, and Chick Keller during the coffee break.

Dan Vimont and Ben Giese enjoying the view of La Jolla from the Munk Conference Room balcony.

Al Gabric delivering his talk.

The participants listen intently.

The participants listen intently.

Al Gabric delivering his talk.

Ken Denman delivering his talk.