Influences of El Nino and Other Climate Phenomena
Cultural Development in Peruvean and Andean Societies

March 27-28, 2003, Martin Johnson House
Anthropology Department and Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

Michael Moseley delivering his lecture.

Michael Moseley pondering a question from the audience.

The crowd in T-29.

Michael Moseley answering a question.

Paul Goldstein and Henry Diaz.

Discussion on the deck.

Coffee break discussion.

Dan Cayan delivering his talk.

Audience participation.

Contemplating weighty issues.

Richard Somerville assessing the vintage with John Hildebrand organizing the agenda.

Ryan Williams and Guillermo Algaze chatting on the deck.

Bad Boys Club in the smoking corner.

Chatting on the deck at lunch.

Ben Orlove with Richard Somerville.

Art Miller and Richard Somerville.

Richard Somerville and Art Miller, yet again.

Doug Inman and Dan Cayan.

Two of the ringleaders, Paul Goldstein and John Hildebrand.

Sasha Gershunov, Guillermo Auad and Henry Diaz.

Dan Cayan and Art Miller discussing a fine point.

Sasha Gershunov delivering his talk.

The lunchtime spread on Friday.

Under the influence of the Torrey Pines.

Waiting for lunch.

Ryan Williams delivering his talk.