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FALL 2000


Sports cards now are an option with the photo package that comes with paying to join a kids soccer league. These are the coolest type of photos to pass on to family and friends. On the back it points out he scored 13 goals in the spring 2000 league (his last season in Division 6). This fall 2000 in Division 5 he failed to score a single goal for the first time since he started playing at age 5.
He is sporting his new flattop which he meticulously lubed and grooved daily.


I visited Vancouver Island for the Eastern Pacific Oceanography Conference in September 2000 while Matteo stayed with Grandma and Uncle Bob for the whole week. We stopped in Vancouver to visit my mother's sisters, Auntie Kris and Auntie Dora (and husband Alan).


I attended the Oceans From Space Meeting in Venice which included a rainy day trip to the islands. Pierre Poulain and I are here on Torcello where the oldest church in Venice resides. The posters that Pierre and I presented both won awards.


Matteo and Copernicus with a scarecrow at the small farm in Ramona that sells pumpkins and Halloween stuff every fall.


Thanksgiving Table with Matteo, Art and Grandma.

Thanksgiving Dinner with brother Bob and Patrick (next door nieghbor who had moved to north County by Christmas) and his family (wife and 2 kids from Columbia).


Matteo with Santa at the Scripps Christmas Party at the Aquarium.

Santa, Matteo and Grandma on an antique car at the Automobile Museum in Balboa Park during Christmas on the Prado. He was overheard asking Santa for a Razor scooter.

We celebrated Christmas Eve at Grandma's house for the first time in many years.

Christmas Eve dinner table.

Chistmas Eve dinner.

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