Pre-CalCOFI 1-Day Cruise

April 3, 2003, R/V Roger Revelle
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD

Distinguished guests with Ralf Goericke.

Discussions on the deck.

Passing by Point Loma.

Bob Knox explains the oceanographic operation.

Distinguished guests being briefed.

The captain explains safety issues.

Charlie Kennel discusses Scripps science.

A military vessel passes while off Imperial Beach.

A military vessel passes while off Imperial Beach.

Preparing a CTD cast.

Kathleen Ritzman with distinguish guests.

Distinguished guests with Ralf Goericke.

Watching the CTD cast.

Ralf Goericke explains the measurement procedure.

Charlie Kennel chatting with ONR representatives Dr. Jane Alexander and Capt. Bob Houtman.

Ralk Goericke explains his scientific observations.

Eric Terril and Bob Knox explain CODAR measurements.

The skiff arrives.

Mark Ohman explains zooplankton dynamics.

Greg Mitchell deploys the optical equipment.

John Largier explains coastal oceanography.

Mark Ohman demonstrates how to make a moosehead shadow puppet.

Greg Mitchell explains optical oceanography.

Art Miller gets his hands dirty with equipment.

Kathleen Ritzman and Doug Bennett on deck with distinguished guests.

Alex Curtis washes the fish egg net.

Rob Pinkel explains internal waves.

Laboratory discussions.

Counting fish eggs.

Charlie Kennel and Eric Terrill with Sheila Semans of the California Coastal Conservancy.

Gino Passalaqua setting up optical equipment.