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Tim Bass with light entering Ginnie Springs, one the crystal clear Forida springs caverns we used to drive up to central Florida to dive.

Devil's Ear from above. This is a wicked cavern dive where an intense spring flows through a narrow opening that you must pull yourself through to enter the cavern while your regulator free flows from the pressure of the current.

Looking up through Devil's Ear from inside the cavern.

Exiting a spring of the Itchetucknee River. That's Alanea Dick, Rene Einhouse and Stan Hooker.

Tired divers after some cavern diving. That's Alanea Dick, Stan Hooker, Tim Bass and me.

Inspecting the 1979 yearbook (Tim was editor) during one of our Student Publications bashes. That's John Allen, Ron Hardiman, me, and Michele Lesti.

Relaxing with my guitar at sunset in our apartment.

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