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San Diego

Matteo started an intense desire to excel at `handball', a game they play at school with a playground ball. The fence in front of our house became a focal point for neighborhood kids to play with him.

Old Gap Tooth.

Copernicus loved to roll around and tear apart the ice plant in the back yard. He completely killed it all within about six months.


Easter dinner table.

Josef Oberhuber (second from right) was visiting from Germany so we had him over for Easter dinner along with Guillermo Auad, Jack Ritchie and Doug Neilson. (and their kids).

The kids around their mini-dinner table: Matteo, Pedro, Gwynn, and Annalisa.

First Communion

Dressed in his first communion suit. In fact, it was his first ever suit.

My mother's brother Uncle Hannes was visiting from Montana, pictured here with Mom, Matteo and Bob.


Matteo played again with Martin's team and scored 13 goals!

Deeking the opposition.

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