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Iceland-Faroe Front Cruise

Dropping XBTs at night on GIN93, a Harvard/SACLANT collaborative cruise to the Iceland-Faroe Front. That's Prof Allan Robinson, Pierre Lermusiaux and Wayne Leslie of Harvard.

Allan describing the successful cruise to the scientists. That's Wayne and Pierre Poulain behind the table.

Pierre describing the successful cruise to the scientists.

Celebrating by popping the cork on some Italian spumante. That's Gisella, Elvio, Malcolm Zahorodny and another SACLANT person in back.

Pierre-Marie getting ready to toast the successful cruise. That's me to the left and Wayne behind Pierre.

Galway, Ireland

Group photo during the Chapman Conference on Fractals, Chaos, and Predictability in Oceanography and Meteorology.


Here is Chiampo (Vicenza province), Matteo's mother's hometown.

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