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Matteo and I visited Cleveland in July to say goodbye to my sister Karilyn who was dying of liver cancer. Here is Mom and Karilyn with her daughter Bobbie and Bobbie's daughter Jeannette (four generations). My brother Bob's daughter Lily is also there.

Matteo with cousins Bobbie and Lily.

Matteo and Jeannette playing the stream from Hinckley Lake where my Dad used to take me fishing as a kid.

Lily, Jeannette and Matteo at the Cleveland Zoo. The kids took great pleasure in making twisted faces whenever I tried to take a picture in these days.

Visiting my cousin Carole Stefan.

Visiting my Aunt Annie.


In Acapulco.

On the pyramids of Teotihuacan, near Mexico City where I participated in a workshop on climate change and sardine fisheries.

San Diego

Jack Ritchie, Kris Hawkinson and Annalisa on the tire swing during Matteo's 5th birthday party.

Giving out prizes during the birthday party.

Grandma and Uncle Bob at the birthday party.

Matteo's first soccer team, The Fireballs.

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