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Corvallis, Oregon Hikes

Hiking with Bruce Cornuelle on a nearby peak. The wildflowers were in spectacular bloom.

An evening hike after a day of labors with Bruce, Jim McWilliams and local guide, Jack Barth (and his dog).


Matteo flew alone to Italy for the first time. Here he is with Nonna in front of the family home in Chiampo.

Cousin Francesco is studying law in Padova and has taught Matteo a lot of soccer moves.

We stayed in a garni in Colfosco (frazione of Corvara in the Dolomiti Mountains) run by a friend from Chiampo, Monica, and her husband, Roberto (an Italian ski champion in his younger days). Matteo loved playing cards (various Italian games) and building houses of cards, an example of which is shown here.

We hiked up the nearby ski slope to a mountain ridge nearby Colfosco.

Sitting on the bridge across the Adige to the Castello di Verona.

Sequoia, Mineral King and King's Canyon

On one of the roadside trails that lead to the Big Trees.

Campsite in King's Canyon.

Fishing in one of the tributaries of the King's River. Lots of little trout were visible and occasionally biting.

One of the little rainbows we caught.

San Diego

Matteo's 9th birthday party at the pool of my mom's apartment, with Uncle Bob, Grandma, Ivan Evans and Momma in the background, and Tommy and J.J. in the foreground.

Scripps annual beach picnic.

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