Fall 2018 Slate:

(Tuesdays at 3:30 pm in 101 NH, except italicized dates)
(Parenthetical comments are for information only, not blackout dates)

Sep 25: Dr. Steve Penny (National Centers for Environmental Prediction)
"What you need to know about data assimilation - and why you should care"
Host: Miller
(First week of classes....)

Oct 2:

Oct 9:

Oct 16:

Oct 23:

Oct 30:

Nov 6:

Nov 8 (Thursday): Prof. Robert Bornstein (San Jose State University)
"Analysis and modeling of urban weather and climate in a changing climate"
Host: Delle Monache
3:00pm in 101 NH

Nov 13:
(Veterans Day Holiday, Nov 10)

Nov 22:
(Thanksgiving week....)

Nov 27:

Dec 4: Prof. Danny Feltham (University of Reading)
"Toward an improved sea ice model using observations, theory, and modelling"
Host: Eisenman
(Last week of classes....)

Dec 6 (Thursday): Dr. Peter Oke (CSIRO)
"Revisiting the circulation of the East Australian Current: Its path, separation, and eddy field"
Host: Miller
3:00pm in 101 NH

Dec 11:
(Finals week....)

Dec 18:

Dec 25:
(Christmas Holiday, Dec 24-25....Closure Days: Dec 26, 27, 28)

Jan 1:
(New Year's Holiday, Dec 31-Jan 1)