Spring 2018 Slate:

(Tuesdays at 3:30 pm in **330 Spiess Hall** due to a superceding class this quarter, except italicized dates)
(Parenthetical comments are for information only, not blackout dates)

Apr 3: Dr. Rich Rotunno (NCAR)
"Anatomy of the Lee-Side Hydraulic Jump"
Host: Demirdjian
3:30pm in 330 Spiess
(First week of classes....)

Apr 10: Prof. Molly McClain (USD)
"Down to the sea: Ellen Browning Scripps and the origins of SIO"
Host: Miller
3:30pm in 330 Spiess

3:30pm in 330 Spiess

Apr 20 (Friday): Mr. Sam Hatfield (University of Oxford)
"Improving numerical weather prediction through reduced precision data assimilation"
Host: Subramanian
12:30pm in 330 Spiess

Apr 24:
3:30pm in 330 Spiess

Apr 27 (Friday): Prof. Leroy Westerling (UC, Merced)
"The West Aflame: Recent trends in climate and wildfire in the western US in a long term context"
Host: Kalansky
1:30pm in 101 NH

May 1:
3:30pm in 330 Spiess

May 8: Prof. Toshiaki Shinoda (Texas A+M University-Corpus Christi)
"Role of extratropical cyclone and air-sea interaction in the development of Atmospheric Rivers"
Host: Fish
3:30pm in 330 Spiess

May 15: Prof. Laure Zanna (Oxford)
"Ocean heat uptake and dynamic sea level rise: Past and future uncertainty"
Host: Eisenman
3:30pm in 330 Spiess

May 21 (Monday): Prof. Jim Steenburgh (University of Utah)
"Cool-season precipitation prediction in complex terrain: Perspectives from the Intermountain West"
Host: Campbell
3:30pm in 101 NH

May 22:

May 25 (Friday): Dr. Peter Kalmus (JPL-Caltech)
"Trajectory-enhanced AIRS observations of environmental factors leading to tornadogenesis"
Host: Miller
2:30pm in 101 NH

May 29: Prof. Anthony Parolari (Marquette University)
"A multi-factor climate change perspective on forest drought resilience: Modeling the integrated effects of heat, drought, and CO2 on tree mortality"
Host: Wilson
3:30pm in 330 Spiess
(Memorial Day week....)

Jun 5: Mr. William Turner (UC, Davis)
"Influences of El Nino on the transatlantic slave trade"
Host: Miller
3:30pm in 330 Spiess
(Last week of classes....)

Jun 12: Dr. Josh Willis (JPL-Caltech)
"OMG, It's Melting. Recent results from Oceans Melting Greenland--NASA's airborne mission to study ocean-ice interactions in Greenland"
Host: Miller
(Finals week....)

Jun 19: Prof. Dongliang Yuan (Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
"Dynamics of the onsets and development of the latest El Nino events"
Host: Sprintall
(Summer Break....)

Jun 26: