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The forecasts represent the substantial effort of many people, both in the Climate Research Division here at Scripps and elsewhere. Some of the principal people involved:

Tim Barnett, at Scripps' Climate Research Division

Mojib Latif, at the Max Plank Institut for Meteorology, in Hamburg, Germany

Nick Graham, at the International Research Institute for Climate Prediction (IRI) here at UCSD

Niklas Schneider, at Scripps' Climate Research Division

David Pierce, at Scripps' Climate Research Division

Alexander Gershunov, at Scripps' Climate Research Division

And Now, A Message From Our Sponsors...

It can't be easy trying to get a bunch of people with different styles and different backgrounds, perhaps even scattered across the country in different institutions, all working together on one project. The phrase "herding cats" certainly leaps to mind. So, thanks are due to the people who sponsor and coordinate this work. Generally speaking, they toil in anonymity in the hope that someday, the work they foster will let us predict climate well enough to mitigate the impacts of floods and droughts, disasters that currently take a steep toll in property damage and lives. Key for us is the sponsorship of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, better known as NOAA, through the auspices of the Experimental Climate Prediction Center. Without their support this work would not be possible, and we'd have to sit around looking at crystal balls and tea leaves to predict El Niños.


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