Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Downscaling Global Predictions
to Local Regions

Weather prediction models cover the entire planet, but we are usually most interested in what is going to happen locally. One of our projects is to downscale the results of global weather prediction models to get a finer resolution view of certain regions on interest. Here are some examples using historical data, covering the winter of 1982/83, and predicting rainfall in California/Nevada.

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Dec-April 1982/83 DJF 1982/83 Feb-Mar 1982/83

Caption for all Figures: Downscaling of GCM precipitation by nested models. Left column of each figure: first nest (80km resolution); center column: second nest (20km resolution); and right column: observations (dots represent station locations). Top row: total precipitation in meters; middle row: mean daily rain rate in mm/day; bottom row: rain frequency in number of days with precipitation. All model and observational data displayed for the period specified at the top of each figure.

Last modified: 21 Nov 1997