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For Further Reading

Currents of Change: El Nino's Impact on Climate and Society by Michael H. Glantz. I've not read this yet myself, but have had it suggested to me as a book that's oriented towards the general reader (unlike Philander's book, below). If you read it, send me e-mail and tell me what you think of it. ISBN: 0-521-57659-8 (Paperback) or 0-521-49580-6 (hardback). Cambridge University Press, 1996. Here is a more extensive summary of the book.

The book El Niño, La Nina, and the Southern Oscillation by S. George Philander is a useful textbook describing many aspects of El Niño. It is written at a fairly technical level. ISBN: 0-12-553235-0. Academic Press, Inc., 1990.


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